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Hello! I'm Liz and I'm a recent college graduate living in the city of Chicago. I'm an artist-person-thing so sometime's I'll post things I've made. Other times I'll just post puppies.

the sun is up, the sky is blue // it is beautiful, and so are you

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What's the deal with popwrapped? Why don't you like them? (sorry if you explained this before and i just missed it)

The person behind popwrapped pulled some shit at leakycon that I just didn’t like. (They basically stole LeakyNews’ twitter account and changed it to popwrapped and stole all their followers that Leaky had.. 140,000+ i think) and basically left leaky to start over. The guy behind it just is real shady (I’ve heard some stories about him from people who interacted w/ him first hand). Melissa Anelli posted about it on her tumblr a few months back.

I’m just pissed this shady “company” gets to be the one to reveal the spoiler. its just bullshit.